We would like to thank...

all of our customers, business partners and shareholders who have shown their trust in us, both through their business relations with us and in many personal conversations and encounters. More and more people recognize T3NET's high technical problem-solving skills, and have the confidence to tell us about their future plans. The results are customer-specific solutions which are outstanding for quality and for reduction of total costs.

All of our staff

Great thanks go to our highly motivated developer team which has spent countless hours even of their spare time to build the template and design of this website. Thanks to Siam and Vit for their patience to answer a limitless number of questions, which they answered with an amazing capacity to work.

All programmers, who develop free software

  • Kasper Skårhøj who started TYPO3's development from scratch in 1997.
  • Dirk Jesse who made the CSS framework YAML back in 2005 and gave us a rock-solid basis to build websites on.
  • Many icons used here, were taken from the Silk Icons which can be downloaded for free.
  • The jQuery Project, formed September 2009, works to provide infrastructure to jQuery-related projects.
  • Debian, a free operating system for webservers.

Special thanks go to

  • Daniel Raßbach, the owner of rasani.de design, who volunteered for revising the desing of this website and eliminated all design flaws we had made.
  • The ant, sitting on my screen at some night, and therefore has practically become a trademark of this firm.