TYPO3 developer templates for TYPO3 CMS version 6

What we offer for download here, is what we use to build websites for our customers. All templates are based on the Introduction Package provided by the TYPO3 community. Basically, you need to download the original TYPO3 source from the TYPO3 website and before you install, you simply add our package. Then you have the option to install our package or a blank system.

Having this said, please keep in mind that we've made these templates for our own use. Give them a try and use them for free, if you like them but we can't give any support for it, especially not for newbies who are searching for a click-and-go TYPO3 installation. There is no such thing. Building professional websites for paying customers can't be learned in a distance learning course. But you can hire us, if you are seeking for professionals.

Make sure you pick the correct version (6.0.0) of the TYPO3 sources, otherwise you might get problems during installation. This template uses the XHTML doctype. At the moment we are working on a HTML5 version, which will be offered here as soon as it reaches a stable state.

TemplaVoila package version 6.0.5 revision 19 stable (XHTML)


Released May 8, 2013. Contains YAML 3.3.1 - TemplaVoila 1.8.0 - realURL 1.12.6 - tt_news 3.4.0 - rxcolorbox 1.5.4 - static_info_tables 2.3.1 - t3jquery 2.6.3 - powermail 2.0.6 - ke_search 1.4.0 - tq_seo 5.0.1 - scriptmerger 3.2.4 - MD5 Checksum: 7315715766ea7d8ee7254988a4d95c77

18.6 M