Frequently asked questions about outsourcing

Can I contact you 24 hours a day?

Basically, yes. But at night we sleep and on public holidays we take care about our families. We work Monday thru Friday from 10:00am ~ 9:00pm (UTC +07). You can send us an Email anytime, which will be processed immediately or the next morning if they reach us during the night, or use our contact form. We use Skype for instant messaging, a modern and secure way to communicate both in written form and verbally.

We use Basecamp as our project management software, which also gives our customers the possibility to write messages, add ToDo's and to retrieve information on the progress of their projects, 24 hours a day.

How can I expell that you contact my customers directly?

Our customers and partners will be granted exclusive customer protection for the time of initiating and performing the agency contract. We understand that this is the most important aspect of teamwork. Confidence is the basis. If we'd play foul only one time, nobody will trust us ever again. The web is a global village.

Others are outsourcing to me. Can you help me to get my jobs done?

Certainly. If the volume of your orders is high enough, you can even get special prices and conditions. Just ask us and provide some details. We're here to help.

What type of jobs can I outsource to you?

Basically all web-related stuff. Even though we are TYPO3 experts, we can carry out each and every job that has something to do with HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS or the web in general. We are also experts in server-related speed improvement. In addition, we are ready to hire people with special knowledge to fit your needs. Do not hesitate to ask.

Does my tax and revenue office accept your invoices?

Yes, definitely. We are an incorporated company in Thailand. We can provide offical documents translated in German or English language, if your tax office needs that. All documents are legally attested. We pay taxes and social welfare contributions for our employees. We even stop at red traffic lights, which is not too common in Bangkok...

Your company is located in Thailand. Do I have to pay you in Thai currency?

No. You will receive our invoice in European currency (Euros) or US-Dollar, at your discretion, and you also pay in these currencies. You don't have to deal with currency conversion or fees. You only pay the amount invoiced, without any surcharges or bank fees.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

We offer unbeatable low prices which is only possible if we can be shure that we will get paid for our work. Law suits are expensive and time-consuming and would only lead to higher prices. Large corporations, as well as authorities can have other terms and conditions, by request.

Which languages do you speak?

We have native speakers for English, German and Thai language. Although we prefer English, because this is a widespread language, we are able to communicate with you in German or, in exceptional cases, in Thai.