Yet Another Multicolumn Layout

YAML was developed in 2005 by Dirk Jesse, who works as a research assistant at the TU Dresden, and has since then, and still is, constantly developed further. Dieter Bunkerd, General Manager of T3NET, has observed the development from the beginning, has created the YAML website with TYPO3 and has published for the first time the integration of YAML into TYPO3 in 2005 and developed YAML for TYPO3 until August 2009.

The YAML book

Dirk Jesse and his co-author Dieter Bunkerd published a book about YAML and CSS Layouts in December 2006 (1. edition) and De­cem­ber 2007 (2. edition) at the Galileo publishing house.

In addition to the complete YAML framework documentation and numerous application examples, the book provides practice-oriented insight into the various modern layout techniques and delivers a full overview of all the important browser bugs. The book comes with a DVD, which contains, amongst other things, two hours of video lectures using YAML with TYPO3.


As mentioned above, Dieter Bunkerd has published the first integration of YAML into TYPO3 in 2005 and manitained it until 2009. Since April 2010, a Spin-Off of YAML for TYPO3 has been created, which looks quite promising. In September 2011, after Dieter Bunkerd has returned to T3NET we finally have decided to rewrite our TYPO3 extension from scratch with a totally different approach. Please see the download section.

Why we use YAML

YAML has proven to be a stable basis for modern websites. Of course other CSS frameworks exist and these are no less stable. But it is simply a question of time. We work with YAML for many years now, and it would not serve our customers if we always had to familiarize ourselves with something new, when we start a project or get a job. Consequently, it is your advantage that we use YAML. Your project is finished faster.

Although YAML is not free, but licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 License, our customers have to bear no additional license costs, since we hold a General License. Therefore no backlinks from customer websites are required.